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Bird Electronic SH-36S Bird Electronic SH-361S

Bird Electronic SH-36S Spectrum Analyzer

Bird Electronic SH-361S Handheld VNA Spectrum Analyzer

Bird Electronic SH-362

Bird Electronic SH-362S

Bird Electronic SH-362S-PC

The Bird SignalHawk family combines precise measurement, easy to use functionality and
rugged, tested construction into superb field instruments for Signal and Network Analysis.
These products operate at frequencies up to 3.6 GHz with a full suite of spectral analysis
measurements and a noise floor of 135 dBm. The unit also supports a wide range of existing Bird
power sensors capable of 5% accuracy.

- These products include a best in class high resolution display; the 8.4" full color display is
indoor/outdoor viewable with an 800 x 600 pixel resolution. An ambient light sensor
automatically adjusts the backlights to various to light levels.

- The interface to the SignalHawk is built upon Windows, providing a familiar environment for
file management, storage and transfer. Viewers for most standard Windows programs are
included as well as a standard set of tools and programs.

- The intuitive menu structure has been optimized to simplify complex measurements and includes
One Button Setup capabilities for storing frequently used configurations. A complete
reference manual is included on each unit.

- Data transfer couldn't be easier. A USB drive is included to allow quick transfer of enormous
amounts of data, up to 90,000 recorded traces to the user's network for further analysis.

This family of rugged products integrates shock mounted electronics to protect them from use
and abuse. The SignalHawks are constructed of impact resistant ABS polymer with a rubber
over mold and has been Shock, Vibration, and Drop Tested per Military and European standards.
The products also include a sophisticated power management system that enables the battery
run time between charges of 5.5 hours or up to 7.5 hours with the display backlight set to the
Low setting. The battery life can be further extended with an optional field replaceable battery


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